EaglesFanCast 80 – Free Agency Nothing

Our Philadelphia Eagles enter the 2010 Free Agency season not with a bang, a crackle or even a little hiss.  As other teams scramble and write out big checks for star players, the Eagles organization looks within.  They sign Jason Avant and Leonard Weaver, trade away Reggie Brown… and do not pick up anyone new.  So far.  This week we talk about how things are, how they appear, and some philosophical topics as they relate to the Eagles.

What we discussed this show:

  • Eagles cut favorite player Brian Westbrook a few weeks ago
  • Signings – receiver Jason Avant and fullback Leonard Weaver
  • Restructuring Stacy Andrews’ contract
  • Trade receiver Reggie Brown to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers for a reported sixth round draft pick
  • Todd rants about Donovan McNabb
  • Have the Eagles become a team that players may not want to come to, because of the Eagles Management team?
  • We try to sort out some of what is going on for Free Agency so far

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