EaglesFanCast 78 – In The Dirt

Our Philadelphia Eagles end their playoff run quickly, and fail in Dallas two weeks in a row, losing to the Dallas Cowboys 34-14, bringing a frustrating and roller coaster season to an end.  We talk about the aspects of the game, bring up some of the disappointment, anger, frustration, and questions that Eagles fans have after yet another playoff run comes up short.

What we discussed:

  • Eagles lose to Dallas Cowboys in the Wildcard round of the playoffs, 34-14
  • The lack of confidence in our QB contributed to the loss
  • Another major contributor to the loss was Andy Reid’s inability to adjust
  • Rumors abound that Brian Westbrook may retire from football altogether, because of his knee issues
  • Email from Evan
  • We address the Quarterback situation a bit
  • We also address what some Eagles fans are saying about why we lost: Brian Dawkins’ absense from the team
  • We close out the show with voicemails from some fans


  • Our next show we will dedicate to the major topic that Eagles fans are talking about: the Quarterback situation. So send in your (short) emails and voicemails for that topic. Thanks!

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