EaglesFanCast 75 – Playoff Bound

Our Philadelphia Eagles win their fifth straight game against the San Francisco 49ers at home in snowy Lincoln Financial Field. Amid some hiccups during the game, the team pulled itself together, and locked their playoff spot, leaving only two games to play in the regular season against Denver next week and finishing the season in Dallas.

What we discussed:

  • Eagles win over the 49ers 27-13
  • Eagles Offense driving better than they were, and are much improved at this juncture in the season
  • There is still a balanced pass/run offense, and it continues to work
  • The Denver Broncos are a concern because of the potential of the Eagles players looking forward to the Cowboys game
  • Email from Aussie Steve
  • The Great Snowball Fight of 2009
  • Email from Dennis in Gettysburg, PA
  • We talk about who we would want to meet in the playoffs: The Giants or Cowboys

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  1. Great show but I’m too worried about Todd’s optimist views. I’m taking a lil break half way thru the show to check out snowball fights on Youtube.

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