EaglesFanCast 71 – Green Fans

A wild week for us as we had to bail on the Tuesday night recording, then tonight didn’t get any better as both Eric and Todd were not able to make it last second. Good thing is, I had Luis from Green Fans – The Movie scheduled to come on, and we were able to talk at length about his movie and all kinds of Eagles topics.

What we discussed:

  • Luis talks about his 3-year project, Green Fans – The Movie, what it entailed, what he learned, some of the players he interviewed, and some of the multitudes of fans
  • The Philadelphia Eagles beat the Chicago Bears on Sunday Night Football, out in Chicago 24-20
  • It was a win, but there were still a bunch of things to be concerned about
  • Concerns about David Akers, Sav Rocca, the Offensive Line, the Cornerbacks
  • Shawn Andrews, will he return?
  • Winston Justice signs a 4-year contract extension
  • Email from Alex
  • Donovan McNabb and his future as a Hall of Famer relies solely on a Super Bowl ring
  • Michael Vick and his place on the team and his progress
  • Email from Dr. Krug
  • Email from Steve in the UK


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