EaglesFanCast 67 – Raiders of the Lost Cause

The Philadelphia Eagles lose to the horrible Oakland Raiders in a game that pretty much everyone thought was a lock for a Win.  Almost every aspect of the team contributed to the embarrassment, from coaching, playcalling, tackling, passing, blocking and kicking.  We try to express some of what transpired since the game, what went wrong, and our concerns for the future.  Joining us this week is Cody Benjamin, from the Eagles fan blog, Bleed Green.

What we discussed:

  • Cody from Bleed Green joins us, and we ask him about his site
  • Who is to blame for this horrible loss? It might be easier to say who is not
  • Andy Reid shoulders the blame for this loss… no adjustments, and he was completely outcoached
  • Eagles trade with Rams at the deadline, picked up LB Will Witherspoon and sent them rookie WR Brandon Gibson
  • Donovan McNabb was under pressure all game, and he was too jumpy as a result
  • Stacy Andrews still looking tender, and may not be 100% for a while yet
  • email from Evan
  • email from Aussie Steve
  • email saying farewell to Trotter
  • email from Dr. Krug in Gettysburg
  • We are angry about this loss, and why?
  • We touch on what to be nervous about moving forward

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4 thoughts on “EaglesFanCast 67 – Raiders of the Lost Cause”

  1. I got to listen to your podcast prior to the Raiders game. The funniest thing I’ve listened to in a long long time. I dont know why it so much fun to see a group so full oof themsleves brought back to reality. But it truely is. The truth is, the Raiders are a very talented team. They are just mired in a pit of Jamarcus muck. When he dont kill them, they can beat anyone. But beating the Eagles didnt really seem like such a shock after it was over. I think that is who you are. It was much like a scrimage. Goodluck in 2010.

  2. Harry, we welcome such insightful, intelligently-worded and grammatically-correct messages like yours.
    Are we full of ourselves? Damn straight. We’re proud of our Eagles and get pissed and blame when they fail, like they did against your Raiders. We don’t proclaim how good things are (like yourself) when we chalk up a .286 on the season. The league all knows your win against the Eagles was a freak of nature, and it took the Eagles to play like a grammar school team for the Raiders to win… by 4 points. LOL Congratulations, and good luck against the Jets! Oh wait… too soon?
    Good luck in 2017, or so.

  3. “They are a very talented team, they are just mired in a pit of Jamarcus muck”. Oh, that’s their only problem? Look, you get to gloat because your team won. Just don’t get carried away. Your team SUCKS. Period. End of story. Enjoy the fluke win, and enjoy the sight of garish sequined jumpsuits hanging off of Al Davis’s corpse. Way to build on that “huge” win against the Eagles…with a shutout loss at home. The universe has been righted, and your team is the laughingstock of the NFL. Again. BWAHAHAHA!!!!

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