EaglesFanCast 64 – Welcome Back Trotter

The Philadelphia Eagles put together another impressive Offensive effort in beating the Kansas City Chiefs 34-14.  Granted it was the Chiefs, but we were able to see a confident Kevin Kolb come out and run the Offense and effectively move the ball and make very few mistakes.  It also marked the return of Michael Vick to the NFL where his role this week was more of a decoy than the much-hyped wildcat offense has led us to expect.  Also big news today was the signing of former Eagle linebacker Jeremiah Trotter, who left the team, lobbied to come back, then was cut in 2007.  This Eagles organization is anything but boring since the Summer.

What we discussed:

  • Todd came to Philly and he gives his impressions of the updated tailgate
  • Eagles win big over the lousy Kansas City Chiefs
  • Kevin Kolb named NFC Player of the Week, and sets an NFL record for the first Quarterback to ever throw for over 300 yards in each of his first two starts
  • The young players stepped up and played great (McCoy, Kolb, Jackson)
  • Michael Vick makes his first regular season appearance since 2006
  • Eagles signed LB Jeremiah Trotter and released Jeff Garcia
  • What does the Trotter signing really mean to this Defense?
  • Email from Dan in England
  • Voicemail from “Cowboy”  LOL
  • Email from Pat in PA, posing a very interesting scenario
  • Email from Dennis in Gettysburg, PA
  • Randall Cunningham (QB; 1985-1995) and Al Wistert (T; 1943-1951) both inducted into the Philadelphia Eagles Honor Roll at Halftime
  • Email from Holden

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