EaglesFanCast 63 – Kolb’s Debut

This week’s Philadelphia Eagles game was a big one.  It was quarterback Kevin Kolb’s debut as a starter, filling in for the injured Donovan McNabb.  It was the home opener.  It was against a very tough NFC opponent in the New Orleans Saints.  Well the Eagles rebounded off a great performance against the Panthers last week, and underachieved, made mistakes, and took themselves out of a game.  We chat about how Kolb looked out there, what went wrong with the team to lose in such an embarrassing way, the wildcat offense, and field some emails from listeners that have concerns.

What we discussed:

  • Eagles lose to Saints 48-22
  • Kevin Kolb impressed, and we feel he finally earned his spot on the roster
  • Special Teams was just horrendous
  • Is Andy Reid losing control of the team?
  • The wildcat offense was used a lot in this game, is this the new Eagles Offense?
  • Brent Celek had a big game with 101 yards
  • Email from Dennis
  • Email from Holden
  • Email from Alex
  • We talk about the Kansas City Chiefs game this coming week

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