EaglesFanCast 60 – Preseason Continues

The Eagles win their first preseason game, and Michael Vick debuts in Eagles green on the field. Most fans at The Linc give him a standing ovation as he trotted out on the field and the stage is set for a very interesting season. It’s tough to watch and talk about the preseason games, because you don’t know what will make it to the regular season, from players, to strategy, to expectations. Most of this week’s show focuses on Quarterbacks and Defense.

What we talked about:

  • Michael Vick debuts in Eagles Green
  • Fans hard on Donovan McNabb, as usual
  • Does a Brady or Favre, in Eagles Green, get the same treatment?
  • The team still looks sloppy
  • Will the “wildcat” offense with Vick really work?
  • Email from Sgt Anthony, stationed in Iraq
  • Email from Evan
  • Email from Aussie Steve
  • Email from Dennis in Gettysburgh, PA

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