Breaking: Shawn Andrews Placed on IR

According to the Philadelphia Eagles website, tackle Shawn Andrews was placed on Injured Reserve today, thus ending his 2009 season that never began.  Now there’s room for Eagles new/returning quarterback Jeff Garcia on the roster… at least for a couple of weeks.  Andrews appeared ready for the season, and talked it up in the weeks leading up to the opener against Carolina.  Unfortunately it appears the recurring back issues were worse than thought.  Now the Eagles have to figure out what to do yet again to fill in his shoes.

This has to bring up the questions (again) as to how long the Eagles will carry Andrews, and if this is his last mention as an Eagle until we hear that he is cut.  With repeated back and other issues on his resume as an Eagle, and the high priority of protecting your quarterback, the Eagles have to analyze what is at their disposal.  Do they have the confidence in Winston Justice to get the job done the entire season?  How can the Eagles continue to carry a player that has played only two games in two seasons?

One thought on “Breaking: Shawn Andrews Placed on IR”

  1. Do not be surprised if the next move is to re-sign Jon Runyan as insurance for Winston Justice, with Jon eventually moving back into the lineup as a starter. As for Shawn Andrews, we hoped for his return but at this point, it looks like all we can say is what a colossal waste of talent. He had a chance to be one of the great ones.

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