EaglesFanCast 59 – Big Fan Interview

Big Fan MovieA slight divergence from the normal EaglesFanCast podcast you all have come to expect. Hope you don’t mind!

We had the opportunity to have a chat with Robert Siegel, the Writer and Director of the new movie Big Fan, which will be hitting theaters in limited release only in New York and Philadelphia on Friday, August 28th. In Philadelphia it will be playing at the Landmark Ritz at the Bourse, definitely go see it. Check the movie website for more cities and release dates.

Eric and I had a good time talking with Robert and learned more about this drama, his take on the characters, and how a New York sports bar was transformed into a Philly sports bar. Listen in, and if you go to see it, please let us know what you think!

Find out more about Big Fan at the movie’s official website.

We will be back again next week and talk about Michael Vick’s game debut for the Eagles after he plays in the preseason Jacksonville Jaguars game in Philly. Since he and Donovan McNabb are slated to play the first three quarters, we won’t have to wait for the regular season to find out how Coach Andy Reid plans to utilize Vick’s talents in our Offense.

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Patton Oswalt in Big Fan

One thought on “EaglesFanCast 59 – Big Fan Interview”

  1. Great show with Robert Siegel! A creative work that uses the New York Giants and Philadelphia Eagles rivalry as a backdrop certainly has much material to draw from! Nice job by Eagles Fan Cast of again branching out from purely Xs and Os into the culture of “fandom”. Because of your webcast, I’m definitely looking forward to the San Francisco opening of “Big Fan” in October and may even tie in Bay Area book signing events for “Making The Big Game”. I also look forward to seeing Eagles Fan Cast listeners next January at my Philadelphia area signing to compare notes on this critically acclaimed film.

    Jeffrey Fekete
    Making The Big Game: Tales of an Accidental Spectator

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