EaglesFanCast 58 – Michael Vick?

So the Philadelphia Eagles sign veteran quarterback and convicted felon Michael Vick last week.  The news rips into fans in a huge way, making national news, segmenting the loyal fanbase, and pushing all of the emotions of fans and non-fans of the Eagles and the NFL in general.  Anger, confusion, shock, disgust and acceptance flooded the print and online media.  We share our thoughts, and a bunch of emails that came in.  Thank you everyone!

What we talked about:

  • Michael Vick, yeah, that’s just about it

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2 thoughts on “EaglesFanCast 58 – Michael Vick?”

  1. First off, about QB eligibility, I know the Colts (my girlfriend is an avid fan) prior to this season had their punter as the third string “emergency” QB. He still kicked and was able to play without effecting the quarterback situation, and also wore a single digit jersey. So I would guess if Vick is listed officially as a running back or receiver, he could also be eligible to line up as quarterback some plays.

    Second, much like the rest of the Eagles fan nation, I flipped when I heard the news. I just saw T.O. version 2.0. However, after the shock wore off, I realized this can be a huge addition to this offense. With D-Jax, Maclin, McCoy, Westbrook and Vick all on the field at the same time (and don’t forget solid hands like Celek, Avant and Curtis), defenses won’t know what to do.

  2. I think if he an come in and make plays the fans will soon forget the nasty things he’s done off the field. I’m excited to see what he can do. You can’t deny that he’s an explosive player.

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