EaglesFanCast 57 – RIP Jim Johnson

Jim JohnsonWe’ve taken a few months off, and it was a slow Eagles news time anyway, but we are back.

Unfortunately, we record this episode with heavy hearts, as long-time Eagles Defensive Coordinator, Jim Johnson, passed away today.  He had been battling cancer for a while, and was 68.  We will never forget what he did for the players, coaches and fans of this organization, and we wish his family all the best during this very hard time.

The Philadelphia Eagles website has an amazing tribute to the best Defensive Coordinator the organization, and perhaps the NFL, has ever had.

What we talked about:

  • We remember Jim Johnson, who passed away today.
  • Sean McDermott, the new Eagles Defensive Coordinator named last week, is young and has to gain the respect of the players
  • WR Jeremy Maclin has not signed yet, but there are no worries
  • Training Camp talk: Brian Westbrook looks great, Stacy Andrews is a monster, Shawn Andrews looks like his old self, and Donovan McNabb is having fun
  • Eagles Flight Night is this Sunday – Chuck and Eric will be going, so say hi
  • We talk a little Phillies… we can’t help it, it’s a Philly thing
  • Email from Phil – he has the same thing most Eagles fans are feeling right now: is excited, but has reservations

A listener of the show, Bob, bought the Red Bell Brewery bar from Veterans Stadium, and is now selling it.  It’s 10′ high, 7′ wide, and 10′ deep.  A picture is below.  If you are interested, send Chuck an email, and I’ll hook you up with Bob’s contact info.

Red Bell Brewpub
One last thing, web aficionado and all-around good guy, Drew Olanoff, was diagnosed with cancer a few months ago. Not one to sit back and do nothing, he turned his passion for life and the web on the cancer itself. If you are on twitter, chances are you have seen people blame Drew’s cancer  for many things in their own lives.  Drew’s created the “Blame Drew’s Cancer” movement where  he has partnered with Livestrong, and hopes to get sponsors to donate a dollar for every time someone blames Drew’s cancer for something.  If you’re on twitter, go ahead.

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Ready For A New Season


Hey Eagles Fans!

I really hope you’re having a great Summer… and for our Aussie fans, a great Winter!

Eric, Todd and I have been on an extended break for the past few months as you may have noticed.  Or maybe you haven’t.  LOL  There have been vacations, family things, new projects, business trips and more.  But let’s face the truth here, this off-season has been one of very light news since the draft.  On our draft shows, we covered pretty much everything that needed to be covered at the time.  I’m not one to put a show out there just for the hell of it.  I want to bring you something of substance.  Well I guess that’s debatable with some of our shows.

I do want to thank those that wrote us emails and called our voicemail line asking if we were still alive.  We most certainly are, and are planning another season of fun and honest Eagles talk.  We’re also going to have a few more guests on our show, will try to do at least one tailgate thing if you’re out there, and will try to do some segments from other locations, like the upcoming Eagles Flight Night.

On that note, we will be getting together next week to talk about our favorite NFL team.  As the season gets closer, we’ll be getting closer to doing it weekly again, and will bring you as much as we can during the season, for good and bad.  We’re psyched, how about you?  Give us some feedback for our first show in either email or voicemail.  Check the upper right of our site for the email and phone number.  I’ve also added a convenient link there and Google will automatically connect you to us for free.

So thanks for hanging in there with us, and we’ll be talking soon!

Image courtesy of siderian.