Making The Big Game is Released

Back on the 43rd episode of our EaglesFanCast podcast, Eric and I talked with Jeff Fekete for a bit.  Jeff is the author of the book, Making the Big Game: Tales of an Accidental Spectator.  Well today, April 6th, Jeff’s book is finally out.

We’re very happy we were able to talk to Jeff about the book months before it’s release, and gained a little behind-the-scenes look at the author himself and what went into the story.  I had said at the time that I would let our listeners and readers know when it was going to be released, and this is it.

Congratulations, Jeff, we’re looking forward to reading it ourselves.

The book is being published through Two Harbors Press, and you can obtain the book in many ways (I’ve listed a few below.)  I noticed that you could also get a signed copy through the book’s website as well.