EaglesFanCast Episode 52 – What’s the Plan?

Free Agency has started, and so far the Eagles have lost an enormous amount more than they have gained… at least that is the way it appears to Eagles fans. Losing both Brian Dawkins and Correll Buckhalter, as well as the eventual loss of Jon Runyan due to Stacy Andrews’ signing, has left fans with a very bad taste in our mouths.  It’s painful to see 13-year veteran Dawkins go to another team, despite knowing what a ridiculously-sweet deal they gave him.  Plus we have seen so many other teams be very aggressive in free agency, including division rival New York Giants, and seemingly get better in the process. We’re left wondering what plans the Eagles organization has, and how they plan to fill the many holes that this team now has.

What we discussed:

  • Free agency has started
  • We lost Dawkins, Buckhalter, Considine and soon LJ Smith and Tra Thomas
  • Lito Sheppard was traded
  • Brian Dawkins received an offer from Denver that the Eagles wouldn’t even think about offering him
  • The new NFL is all about business, and fans’ attachments to players hurts when they are inevitably traded or released
  • TJ Houshmandzadeh apparently asked for more money from the Eagles than other teams
  • Dennis from Gettysburg asks us about Boldin and Gonzales
  • Eagles sign Stacy Andrews, who does have a knee injury concern
  • Eagles rumors have involved a ton of wide receivers, but we have signed none
  • What is the Eagles plan?
  • The waiting game is tough

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2 thoughts on “EaglesFanCast Episode 52 – What’s the Plan?”

  1. Very sobering show and future of the Eagles. I’ll miss Dawkins bigtime, but even Babe Ruth left the Yankees at the end of his career. Thanks for the shoutout Chuck.

  2. Yes its tough to see the favorites go but like all businesses they must evolve on a progessive path.Nothing stays the same forever. Whether it was the right choice or not, fans wont know for at least 12 months.

    Its always been part of the Eagles Philosophy to continually plan for the future, im sure they will make the right choice. Booker ??????

    They might be $40million under the salary cap, but do the owners have the extra $40 million available to spend ?

    What price McNabb leaving before the season starts ?

    and I’ll select Rashad Jennings as a draft selection for the Eagles.


    Aussie Mike

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