And They’re Off!

Literally, it seems, they’re off… off to a very questionable start.  Who?  Of course the Eagles front office and how they’re dealing with free agency.

Here’s the losses as of 7:00pm Friday (EST):



More than some questionable calls on this list, don’t you think?  Dawkins is no longer an Eagle… how does THAT feel?  I’m scratching my head, and hoping that they start to make some sense very very soon.  So with Andrews coming, that means we’ll say goodbye to Runyan soon as well.  Not sure about you, but this is starting out rather odd to me. Hope things improve, because right now, I’m extremely bummed about losing Dawkins.

We’ll see.

2 thoughts on “And They’re Off!”

  1. Denver paid I think 2 million more a year for him or something…apparently philly didn’t want to muster the last 2 million. Although on the other hand, philly tends to be good at knowing when to let people in the backfield go. While it saddens me for him to go, maybe we can get a safety in who can cover. Dawkins was really just a guy you wanted to pound the line, much like a linebacker. Oh, and philly will probably not pick up any more free agents, no real big names out there, and TJ dug himself that grave by lying about giving Philly a discount so no receiver unless given in the draft. Personally, I’d rather see em get a big name RB and TE in the draft and then fill in the other nitches.

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