Rocca, Eagles Mania Down Under

These articles came in from Karen, originally from Pennsylvania, who is now living and working in Australia.  Karen saw the first article in the Australian newspaper, Herald Sun, and she was kind enough to scan it in and send them to us.  They are about Eagles punter Sav Rocca, and a bit of the hype going on back in his home country.  We can definitely attest to the hype on this end, and can see that they are excited Down Under to have one of their own on an NFL team surging towards the Super Bowl.

Just click on the articles to see the full scans.  We don’t get to see this kind of thing up here, so thank you very much Karen!

Sav Rocca from Herald Sun

Sav Rocca

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One thought on “Rocca, Eagles Mania Down Under”

  1. I’m excited about the prospect of seeing the two Aussie punters going head to head. My support is Sav Rocca because I really like his game. Despite a dreadful to his NFL career, he has improve tremendously this season. He is too me one of the big reason for the Eagles success this year. I want to see the Eagles going all the way.

    Being from Malaysia, where only a small tiny people that follow American version of football (we love football or soccer as you may call it), I have been doing my part in spreading the good message about your game.

    Go Eagles Go!!!

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