EaglesFanCast Episode 48 – Viking Stomp

The Philadelphia Eagles defeat the Minnesota Vikings in the opening weekend of the playoffs, 26-14. Our Eagles traveled to the Metrodome for the NFC Wild Card game on Sunday and handled Adrian Peterson, the Vikings Defense, and the very loud dome fans, emerging victorious. Next up, the Eagles head up the New Jersey Turnpike this Sunday to face their NFC East Division rivals, and defending Super Bowl Champions, New York Giants. We lay it all out there with how the surging Eagles team needs to handle the struggling Giants at the Meadowlands in front of another hostile crowd. Besides the team, we also hit on golf trips, playoff beards, and more Aussie enthusiasm.

What we discussed:

  • Eagles take out the Minnesota Vikings with the help of the whole team
  • How all three of us watched the game, and how we felt during it
  • We talk about L. J. Smith and Brent Celek
  • Eric talks about his trip to Myrtle Beach and he left us a few voicemails
  • Email from Travis in Denver talking Eagles excitement and how he can’t stand Fox Sports’ Joe Buck
  • We talk about the iconic Merrill Reese
  • The coverage on the Eagles for the Giants game is starting to ramp up, and there’s a lot of talk comparing them to last year’s Giants team
  • Our plans for watching the game this Sunday
  • The Giants have been struggling and we discuss the why’s
  • Email from Dennis in Gettysburg, PA who isn’t as sure about this Giants game as he was for the Vikings
  • The Eagles have to control the ball and keep the Giants Offense off the field
  • Email from Stephen in Australia, renamed AussieSteve!

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One thought on “EaglesFanCast Episode 48 – Viking Stomp”

  1. I have to admit I should be banished as an eagles fan. Not only was I bashing them after the Redskins lost, I hoped they would lose out the rest of the season. I will never doubt again!

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