EaglesFanCast Episode 50 – Heartbreak

The Philadelphia Eagles come up short in a big way and lose to the Arizona Cardinals in the NFC Championship.  After a dismal first half where the Cardinals put up 24 points to the Eagles six, they fight back, scoring 19 unanswered points in the second half and actually take the lead in the fourth quarter.  Unfortunately that appeared to be all that was left in the tank, and Cardinals quarterback Kurt Warner led his team down the field and scored a touchdown and added a two-point conversion to lead 32-25 with just under three minutes to go.  The Eagles Offense sputtered and died on the Cardinals side of the field, as well as their chances at another Super Bowl shot.

What we discussed:

  • Eagles lose the NFC Championship game, and are now 1-4 in that game under Andy Reid
  • Chuck calls for Reid to leave
  • Eric calls out Donovan McNabb and Brian Dawkins for having horrendous games
  • Todd, like all of us, is heartbroken, calls McNabb a great player, but he’s not a champion
  • All aspects of the team were flat in the first half
  • Kicker David Akers was off with a missed field goal, missed extra point and a kickoff out of bounds
  • The Defense tackling game was one of the worst we have seen this season
  • Email from Alex (first of two halves from Alex)
  • Email from Hollis
  • Thanks to Aussie Mike for the AFL official football he sent us!
  • Thanks to Nidice for letting us use his song, Eagles Game Face ’08 last week
  • Email from Dennis
  • Email from Philip
  • Email from Aussie Steve

Eric and Chuck were interviewed by Rebecca Roberts from NPR at McGillin’s Olde Ale House in Center City Philadelphia.  It aired this past Saturday evening on the show All Things Considered.  You can hear it at this link.  On the right side, scroll down to “Sports – Eagles Fan Explains Reputation for Pessimism”.

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EaglesFanCast Episode 49 – Believe In Green

Our Philadelphia Eagles beat the New York Giants in a classic smash mouth football game up in the swamps of Jersey. The Eagles now move on to the NFC Championship game! The Arizona Cardinals beat the Carolina Panthers, and now host the Eagles in warm Arizona this Sunday. Eagles players, coaches and fans are riding high after this latest victory, and confidence has become high. We talk about all aspects of the Giants game, the upcoming Cardinals game, and everything in between. We’re definitely enjoying this run, and our listeners chime in big this week. Plus we were sent the song Eagles Game Face ’08 by Nidice, and I had to play it on the show… time to get pumped up Eagles Fans!! We’re in the NFC CHAMPIONSHIP! One Team, One City, One Dream… I believe.

What we discussed:

  • We are in the NFC Championship!
  • Eagles beat the New York Giants 23-11 to advance in the playoffs
  • We focus on the Arizona Cardinals next
  • Game plan?  Blitz Kurt Warner
  • Yes, Joe Buck is a miserable tool
  • Chuck eats some crow on his vocal opinions of Andy Reid
  • Brian Westbrook’s helped the Offense despite getting stopped so often, the Giants D allowed other Eagles weapons to strike
  • Email from Travis, who talks about moving on in the playoffs
  • Email from Phil, who is psyched on all aspects of this team and where they are now
  • The confidence of the team both on Offense and Defense is carrying them through these games
  • Email from Nils in Denmark, who talks about the NFL there, visiting the States for games, and challenges Eric
  • Email from Kurt in Pennsylvania, who sums up his emotional investment in the Eagles team
  • Email from Craig in upstate New York, who gives props to Jason Avant for his play
  • Brent Celek, Jason Avant, DeSean Jackson and others have outperformed our expectations for this year
  • Email from Mark in Nebraska, who praises the Eagles D for the 4th Down stops, and gives props to Broderick Bunkley and Husker Stewart Bradley
  • Eric and Chuck were interviewed by Rebecca Roberts from NPR today about being Eagles fans. It was a good time, and it will air, we believe, Saturday evening. We’ll give out the details of where you can hear it or access it online, once we know for sure.
  • We end the show with a great song that was sent to us by Nidice, performing Eagles Game Face ’08. You can find him over at http://myspace.com/nidice Thanks so much! It’s awesome!!
  • Also a big thanks to Alex, Dennis, AussieSteve, AussieEagle, AussieMike, Karen and Holden.  I wasn’t able to get to your emails tonight, and I do apologize.  We just had a ton on our plate, but keep it up, you all rock!

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Here’s the video version of the song Eagles Game Face ’08, courtesy of Nidice

Rocca, Eagles Mania Down Under

These articles came in from Karen, originally from Pennsylvania, who is now living and working in Australia.  Karen saw the first article in the Australian newspaper, Herald Sun, and she was kind enough to scan it in and send them to us.  They are about Eagles punter Sav Rocca, and a bit of the hype going on back in his home country.  We can definitely attest to the hype on this end, and can see that they are excited Down Under to have one of their own on an NFL team surging towards the Super Bowl.

Just click on the articles to see the full scans.  We don’t get to see this kind of thing up here, so thank you very much Karen!

Sav Rocca from Herald Sun

Sav Rocca

By the way, just as a reminder, we won’t be recording our latest show until tomorrow night, Wednesday.  Sorry for the delay, but we just couldn’t schedule things for tonight.

Eagles On The Net After Win Over Giants

There is a lot being written about our Philadelphia Eagles after their Playoff victory over the New York Giants yesterday.  From other Eagles bloggers, to news sites, below are some of those that I came across today.  All of a sudden there’s respect for the Eagles again.  We should have gained that respect back after the win over Dallas, not the win over the Giants.  In my humble opinion, the Giants were not the same team that they were when they clinched the NFC East.  It was all there, but no one paid attention.

This Eagles team is now playing at the level every fan KNEW they could play at.  This is why so many of us fans (including all three of us here on EFC) were calling for Andy Reid’s head earlier in the season.  THIS is what we expected from this talented group of players… and Reid changed that.

Programming Note: Because of scheduling conflicts -cough- Todd -cough- we won’t record Episode 49 until Wednesday evening.  So look for it late Wednesday or early Thursday morning.  I really wanted to do it last night, but getting all three of us together is not all that easy!  So please hang in there with us.

If you’ve found some other articles I’ve missed, I’d love to read them.  Enter them in a comment for the rest of us.

“Let’s Book Eagles for Tampa” on ESPN.com

Peter King’s Monday Morning Quarterback on SI.com

“McNabb’s Message: Eagles Are For Real” on NYTimes.com

“Eagles Beat Giants, 23-11, Advance to NFC Title Game” on Bleeding Green Nation

“Not Just in Philly” on Bleed Eagles Green

Birds Beat Giants, Soar On To Arizona For NFC Championship” on The 700 Level

“Down Go the Champs! Eagles Advance to the NFC Championship” on Inside the Iggles

“Big Win” on Tommy Lawlor’s Eagles Blitz

“Title Defense Falls Short As Eli, Offense Fall Short” on NYPost.com
But the best here is, the front page yelled: “Champs to Chumps”

“Stonewall Johnson’s Troops Carrying Eagles” on Philly.com by Rich Hoffman

“Suddenly, McNabb and Eagles Looking Super” on Philly.com by Phil Sheridan

“Just Call NFC Championship the Disbelief Bowl” on MSNBC.com

“Eagles Beat Giants, 23-11, Advance to NFC Championship” on CBS3.com

“McNabb, Eagles Beat Giants, Reach NFC Title Game” on Comcast Sportsnet

EaglesFanCast Episode 48 – Viking Stomp

The Philadelphia Eagles defeat the Minnesota Vikings in the opening weekend of the playoffs, 26-14. Our Eagles traveled to the Metrodome for the NFC Wild Card game on Sunday and handled Adrian Peterson, the Vikings Defense, and the very loud dome fans, emerging victorious. Next up, the Eagles head up the New Jersey Turnpike this Sunday to face their NFC East Division rivals, and defending Super Bowl Champions, New York Giants. We lay it all out there with how the surging Eagles team needs to handle the struggling Giants at the Meadowlands in front of another hostile crowd. Besides the team, we also hit on golf trips, playoff beards, and more Aussie enthusiasm.

What we discussed:

  • Eagles take out the Minnesota Vikings with the help of the whole team
  • How all three of us watched the game, and how we felt during it
  • We talk about L. J. Smith and Brent Celek
  • Eric talks about his trip to Myrtle Beach and he left us a few voicemails
  • Email from Travis in Denver talking Eagles excitement and how he can’t stand Fox Sports’ Joe Buck
  • We talk about the iconic Merrill Reese
  • The coverage on the Eagles for the Giants game is starting to ramp up, and there’s a lot of talk comparing them to last year’s Giants team
  • Our plans for watching the game this Sunday
  • The Giants have been struggling and we discuss the why’s
  • Email from Dennis in Gettysburg, PA who isn’t as sure about this Giants game as he was for the Vikings
  • The Eagles have to control the ball and keep the Giants Offense off the field
  • Email from Stephen in Australia, renamed AussieSteve!

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