EaglesFanCast Episode 47 – A Christmas Miracle

Show Notes: Episode 47 for December 30th, 2008

Playoffs!?!? That’s right, the Philadelphia Eagles clinched the last NFC Wildcard spot by defeating, nay, crushing the Dallas Cowboys 44-6 at Lincoln Financial Field. In front of a frenzied crowd in South Philly, the Eagles took care of things in dominating fashion on both sides of the ball. Our Offense played tight, and our Defense caused five turnovers, two of which were returned for spectacular touchdowns. They didn’t let the Cowboys breathe the whole game, and embarrassed the team that most thought would easily take the NFC East this season. Instead the Cowboys flew back to Texas, and the Eagles are on their way to Minnesota to take on the Vikings in the NFC Wildcard Game.

What we discussed:

  • Eagles are in the Playoffs!
  • Eric and Chuck sold their tickets to the game, and feel like idiots
  • Andy Reid looked relaxed, happy and definitely appeared he knew something the Cowboys didn’t
  • Brian Dawkins was an animal and played out of his mind
  • Email from Alex, who called us out on last week’s show
  • Is it hard for teams to now prepare for our schizophrenic Offensive Scheme this season?
  • Andy Reid’s game plan definitely dictates the outcome of the game; if it’s good, the team is great, if bad, he can’t adjust and the team looks horrible
  • We were all big Oakland Raiders fans this week
  • Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell talked about the tie against Cincinnati and how Reid’s controversial call in that game actually saved our playoff hopes
  • Email from Aussie Eagle, who talks about how this game saved Reid for the team, which ultimately he’s not happy about
  • Eric is certain about the Eagles victory in Minnesota this week
  • We trash the Cowboys some more
  • Email from Phil in England, who praises the Eagles win, and wonders which team will show up against the Vikings
  • Email from Corey in Baltimore, with renewed enthusiasm
  • Aussie Mike writes in about the game, and us visiting Australia, which we would love to do
  • What we are doing this week for the Eagles-Vikings game
  • Great email from Thomas in El Paso, Texas
  • Email from Stephen in Melbourne, Australia who talks about the Sav Rocca Effect for Aussie Eagles fans, and Reid’s hopeful New Year’s Resolution: RUN THE BALL
  • Email from Jimmy Craichead in Philly, who found his youthful optimism and put Scrooge to sleep
  • An article on Monday by Minneapolis CBS Affiliate WCCO talked about how there were 20,000 seats still available for the Eagles-Vikings game, and the team is srambling to sell tickets so it is not locally blocked out… it’s unbelievable to us
  • Jerry Jones says Wade Philips is still the coach moving forward, and we wholeheartedly applaud his decision, and hope Wade stays for years to come


  • … to Thomas in Texas for this week’s Title suggestion
  • … to Fred for the customized new Cowboys Stadium paver image (anyone want to chip in?)
  • … to all of you for making all of this worth it. Here’s to a great 2009, HAPPY NEW YEAR!

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One thought on “EaglesFanCast Episode 47 – A Christmas Miracle”

  1. 44-6 – amazing. historic. and even better since T.O. didn’t have a TD. This game will be talked about forever. It *almost* takes the sting out of having the NY Giants win the Superbowl last year – almost……

    And now for the Vikings. I hope the smart Eagles team shows up. It’s always a rollercoaster ride being an Eagles fan so we shall soon see !

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