EaglesFanCast Episode 45 – Take Care Of Business

Show Notes: Episode 45 for Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The Philadelphia Eagles win their third game in a row, defeating the Cleveland Browns 30-10 in Philadelphia on Monday Night Football.  With the warm December temperatures and late rains moving in, the Eagles finished off with Kevin Kolb at quarterback, but for a different reason this time.  Donovan McNabb had 290 yards passing and two touchdowns, and Coach Andy Reid decided to protect his starting QB.  Despite some mishaps in the game, the Eagles looked solid and defeated the struggling Browns like they should have.  Now with two games left in the season and a playoff spot on the line, the Eagles need to win their last two games of the season against the Washington Redskins and the Dallas Cowboys.  Besides that, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers or the Atlanta Falcons have to lose a game.  The momentum is definitely on the green side, as the team has gelled into an efficient Offense and dominating Defense.  Our playoffs have already arrived in Philadelphia.

What we discussed:

  • Monday Night Football at Lincoln Financial Field
  • Some Fantasy Football talk as both Eric and Todd are in their respective playoffs
  • Brian Dawkins sets a franchise record with 181 games played… we so wished he had made an interception to set that record as well
  • The Browns coaches seemed to try to keep their QB Dorsey from passing the ball
  • Both Brian Dawkins and Asante Samuel have made it to the Pro Bowl
  • We have an email from Aussie Mike
  • We go into the last two weeks of the season, and talk about what the Eagles need to do, and what other teams need to do for us to hit that playoff spot
  • Voicemail from Paul out of Caffination
  • Stewart Bradley is definitely impressing us this season
  • The Andy Reid controversy continues
  • Eric feels the Cowboys game might be moved up to at least a 4:00 game with how much weight it may have
  • Kolb as the new franchise, or bust?  We briefly touch on it

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