EaglesFanCast Episode 44 – The Westbrook Show

Show Notes: Episode 44 for Tuesday, December 9, 2008

The Philadelphia Eagles march up the New Jersey Turnpike, then Brian Westbrook marches all over the New York Giants.  The men in Green take their new confidence and beat the Giants 20-14 in a game where our running game ruled and Eli Manning’s passes were dropped.  Despite the win, we try to find optimism as this was the Eagles dominant team that should be in the playoffs, not struggling (and hoping) to make a Wildcard spot.

What we discussed:

  • Brian Westbrook lit up the Giants, again, with 203 all-purpose yards and two touchdowns
  • B West looked amazing and Eric has a lt of stats to back it
  • We aren’t as excited as we normally should be, and we discuss why
  • The confidence in Andy Reid still is not there, as we’re not sure how he will handle the game plans for the remaining games
  • Email from Alex, who was psyched about the Eagles big win over the Giants
  • Email from Steve, who caught the game at the airport
  • There were three blocked Field Goals in this game, one returned for a Giants TD
  • Contest Winners announced for the DirecTV Eagles-branded remote controls… congrats to both Dave from California and Steve from San Francisco!!
  • We talked about the Plaxico Burress effect on the Giants team, or was there one?
  • Early Eagles playoff scenarios
  • The talk shifts to the Dallas Cowboys, and their impending demise

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One thought on “EaglesFanCast Episode 44 – The Westbrook Show”

  1. Gotta agree with you Chuck that I was also not “excited” about this win. Great game but I felt emotionally detached, not much different from Jets win over Titans couple weeks back.

    I don’t have children so I can never know whats going through McNabbs head re. wife pregnancy but is this any way similar to the night Brett Favre rocked the Monday Night after his fathers death?

    And one last point, this is real purgatory knowing the Eagles can win 10 and still lose out to an Atlanta team they beat.
    Best JCH

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