EaglesFanCast Episode 43 – A Glimmer Of Hope

We found out about this after we recorded our show, but we want to send out big congratulations to Donovan McNabb and his wife Racquel on the birth of their twins, a boy and a girl.  This news comes thanks to Bleeding Green Nation. All our best goes out to Donovan and his family.

Show Notes: Episode 43 for Tuesday, December 2, 2008

We have a really good show this week as we enjoy leftover turkey and a great Eagles win in Philly over the Arizona Cardinals.  The Offense lit up the night at Lincoln Financial Field to the massive cheers of all in attendance.  Andy Reid went against his own game plans of late and went for a balanced Offense attack.  Our QB Donovan McNabb, as well as RB Brian Westbrook, looked great and controlled their drives the whole game and totaled six touchdowns.  The Defense also continued to do very well.  In all, despite recent games, there were very few negatives taken away from this game.  Also on this show, we talk to author Jeff Fekete, an Eagles fan who’s book titled Making the Big Game – Tales of an Accidental Spectator will be coming out next month.  We’re also having a contest where we are giving away two Eagles logo DirecTV remote controls!

What we discussed:

  • Philadelphia Eagles beat the Arizona Cardinals at The Linc 48-20
  • The balanced Offense looked amazing, relaxed and efficient
  • Max Jean-Gilles fractured his ankle and is now out for the season, and rehabilitation could take up to nine months
  • Brian Dawkins had an interception which tied the franchise record… can you say “Hall of Fame?”
  • Email from Susan, who was happy she was wrong about Reid and McNabb
  • Eric and Chuck talk to Jeff Fekete about his upcoming book, Making the Big Game
  • Contest announcement for a DirecTV Eagles remote control, details below
  • We talk about the New York Giants game this Sunday
  • Giants WR Plaxico Burress shoots himself in the leg, is suspended by the Giants, and might go to jail


Contest Details (for clarification):

  1. Email entries must be received by 6:00pm Eastern, Monday, December 8th, 2008
  2. Specific contest details are in the show, so you have to listen to find out how to enter!
  3. Two random winners will be chosen from all eligible email entries
  4. Please enter your name in the body of the email as you would have us read it on the air
  5. We will announce our winners on EaglesFanCast Episode 44 (next week)
  6. Sorry, but this contest is only for U.S. residents (the remotes probably won’t work elsewhere anyway!)

Thank you to DirecTV and especially Candice for working to get these remotes to us.

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One thought on “EaglesFanCast Episode 43 – A Glimmer Of Hope”

  1. Been meaning to say great job guys, win or lose, for a couple weeks now, The chemistry of the show is really in place with 3 distinct personalities.

    As far as the Eagles are concerned, I’m still a big fan but as for any “Glimmer of Hope” I ask what for? I really believe the Reid and MCNabb era is done with and if the Eagles do run the table the next 4 games I fear the both of them will be back next year.
    And Chuck, best with your child today at the hospital.

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