EaglesFanCast Episode 42 – Dark Times

Show Notes: Episode 42 for Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The Philadelphia Eagles lose in bad fashion to the Baltimore Ravens, 36-7 in Baltimore. The only Eagles touchdown came on a kickoff return by Quintin Demps, going 100 yards. Quarterback Donovan McNabb continued to struggle and turned the ball over three times and was inaccurate again, going 8 for 18 for 59 yards at the Half. In a controversial move in both decision and execution, Head Coach Andy Reid benched McNabb and put in 2nd year QB Kevin Kolb. Kolb also struggled against a stellar secondary and threw two interceptions of his own. On the day, the Eagles quarterbacks had a combined 12.5 Quarterback Rating. Again the focus after the game was Andy Reid’s coaching, preparation and play calling, and it has reached a fevered pitch among Eagles fans. Most are calling for a change in the organization, either in quarterback or coach, some want both. We try to make sense of things, discuss what is going on, and our listeners weigh in on the issues this week.

What we discussed:

  • Email from Mitch in San Francisco
  • We address McNabb’s confidence level and how he has been talking to the media
  • Email from Holden in Louisiana
  • Email from Phil in England
  • Why did the Eagles go long again on 3rd and short yardage? How is this making sense to Reid at this point, when it has not been working, and anticipated by Defenses?
  • Bad coaching decisions yet again, just awful
  • Did Lurie make the call on benching McNabb?  Was it Reid?  In either truth, both are out of character for the respective people
  • Email from Alistair in Australia
  • In a blog comment, Susan calls out the players and the coaches, both today’s and in the past
  • Reid, McNabb, Reid, McNabb… we just go back and forth about the mess we witnessed this week
  • Eric and Todd both feel that Reid is done with McNabb for the season, despite McNabb’s call to start against the Arizona Cardinals on Thanksgiving
  • Eric calls for the win against Arizona in big fashion, 38-17

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