EaglesFanCast Episode 41 – Predictability

Show Notes: Episode 41 for Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The hapless Philadelphia Eagles lose to tie the Cincinnati Bengals on the road. We start off raging against Andy Reid, and manage to keep that same tone towards him through the whole show.  We also are amazed at McNabb’s lack of knowledge of the game’s rules, and simply cannot understand how this team with so much talent can now be in this situation with a coach who seems to have lost his ability. It’s a rough show, but as this show is by Eagles fans, what else can we do but be honest? It is about this team, and it’s hurting right now.

What we discussed:

  • Eagles tie the Cincinnati Bengals 13-13, and this is as bad as any loss
  • The team had no energy at all on Offense
  • There were 58 passing attempts, and 15 rushing attempts… when your quarterback was again struggling and eventually turned it over four times
  • A post over on Bleeding Green Nation talks stats about the unbalanced play calling in the last two weeks against the Giants and the Bengals
  • Eric talks about how Bengals cornerback Johnathan Joseph talks about how predictable the Eagles Offense has become, and he was ready for it
  • Andy Reid has become predictable and continues to show his inability to adjust
  • We have an angry email from Chris Brown railing against Reid and this Offense
  • McNabb’s comments following the game were ludicrous, especially with not knowing the rules of the game he has played for so long
  • We get a “tired” email from Aussie Mike
  • We have an email from Holden Fulco with his reaction to the Giants game, yet the same comments apply eerily to this Bengals game
  • We talk about how the Reid – McNabb team is now 4-14 in the Division since the Super Bowl (thanks to Hollis for this in the comments section from last week’s post)

Vent and rage, you’ll feel better (no guarantees):

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