EaglesFanCast Episode 40 – Anything Can Happen

Show Notes: Episode 40 for Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The Philadelphia Eagles lose to the New York Giants 36-31 at home.  The Lincoln Financial Field crowd was stunned after a series of missteps, predominantly from the coaching staff, cost them the game.  A lot of questions have arisen in this latest loss to yet another NFC East Division rival.  Confidence in the coaching has been lost, and the fans wonder what can change when your Executive VP of Football Operations and Head Coach are the same person.  At just over the halfway point for the season, and with the Division being so tough, hopes are already starting to wane for our playoff chances.

What we discussed:

  • We talk about the Giants game, and some of the frustrations
  • Giants ran all over the Eagles, and we couldn’t stop them
  • The Eagles running was flacid, and it appears that Brian Westbrook is not 100%
  • Donovan McNabb was tired at the end of the game, and we wonder how this can still be happening
  • Andy Reid cost them this game; his play-calling, lack of adjustment, and what we feel may be stubbornness, has now made this team mediocre
  • Caffination” (Paul) on twitter made a great comment that he wants a “Gruden factor”, meaning Dungy built the team and Gruden won the Super Bowl
  • We find it hard to find a positive from the game, other than Chris Gocong’s huge hit on Brandon Jacobs
  • A poll on Bleeding Green Nation shows that Andy Reid’s approval rating is 19%
  • Playoff-wise, this team is in a very deep hole now… losing three Division games
  • We go over the remaining schedule for the Eagles, Giants, and Cowboys, and look at a few other NFC teams
  • DirecTV is searching for the ultimate displaced fan.  The winner goes to Super Bowl XLIII in Tampa. Most of our out-of-town listeners (sorry, AussieMike) are eligible for the contest, and we want one of you to win it!  It ends November 30th.

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4 thoughts on “EaglesFanCast Episode 40 – Anything Can Happen”

  1. Nothing about defense? Our defense played most of the game. And will still were in the game? If it was a 30min/30min ball time would we have a W? Defense also needs to stop on 3rd downs just as much getting a 1st down on key plays. We are a good team, and Looking to tie for second under the Giants.. Wishful thinking? I hope not!

  2. About this whole body across the line – The whole game is about the Ball, this rule is insane. Clearly the ball was a yard over the line. Out of bounds, you still play the ball. Unreal, crap that cost the eagles 4 points. Thanks NFL, Play the ball.. My two cents..

  3. I liked the Groundhog analogy but atleast Bill Murray was smart enough to figure it out, change things each day and get the girl. Andy Reid must go! His mind is preoccupied with his son as someones prison bitch.

  4. First off, love your guys show. I discovered it right before the preseason and haven’t missed one. And I totally agree Reid has to go now. If Tiki Barber of all people is calling every play, then something needs to change. I also checked our division record since the Superbowl, and we’ve gone 7-14 from the 2005/06 Season until now. And 3 of those wins were Jeff Garcia in 06. So Reid and McNabb together are 4-14 in the division. You think they know us much?

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