Episode 30 – All About Coaching

Show Notes: Episode 30 for Tuesday, August 26, 2008

We hit the last “real” game of the preseason where we see a good number of the starters before the official kick-off to the 2008 season. The boys of Green played the New England Patriots, and despite it being a preseason game, we’re all excited for what we saw, and cannot wait for the season to finally start!

What we discussed:

  • Philadelphia Eagles played the New England Patriots in the third preseason game
  • The Eagles team really impressed us on Offense, Defense, and dare I say, Special Teams
  • Our QB Donovan McNabb on the regional cover of Sports Illustrated NFL Preview – jinx?
  • We had a twitter request before the show to talk about our running backs in the Patriots game
  • Eric is excited!
  • Position competitions and who might be cut
  • Talk about how the new return game could change things, and how teams approach kickoffs/punts
  • We have a voicemail from Scott which addressed Donovan McNabb, our Offensive Line, DeSean Jackson, and, well, the Eagles Cheerleaders
  • Tailgate plans for the opener and the season
  • Fourth preseason game with the New York Jets coming into town Thursday evening

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Episode 29 – Calling All Receivers

Show Notes: Episode 29 for Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Chuck’s back from Vegas, all three of us are here, and we’re talking some Eagles preseason football.

What we discussed:

  • Kevin Curtis has a sports hernia and could be out until sometime in the regular season
  • Reggie Brown is also hurt, but not as seriously, and expects to be back soon
  • Lorenzo Booker’s all of a sudden looking like he’s not in it
  • How Lito Sheppard could play into various roles, from returner to a trade
  • DeSean Jackson is starting this week against the New England Patriots
  • Because of Curtis’s injury, the rumor mills heat up again regarding Cardinals WR Anquan Boldin and free agent WR Joe Horn
  • The second preseason game against the Panthers we touch on briefly, but our confidence in our kick returning group has gone sour
  • Talked about Special Teams thanks to a blog comment by Mike
  • “Aussie Eagle” writes us an email from down under and asks us about Eagles Safety Quintin Mikell
  • The Eagles play the New England Patriots this week, where we see more of what the team will have to offer for the regular season.
  • Little bit of Fantasy Football talk

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Episode 28 – Here We Go Again

Show Notes: Episode 28 for Monday, August 11, 2008

Well we kick off the preseason start of the 2008 Philadelphia Eagles football season, and are only a few weeks away from the opening game! We address a bunch of updates on the Eagles players from what’s come out of Training Camp in Lehigh to the first preseason game against the Pittsburgh Steelers on Friday evening.

What we discussed:

  • Brian Westbrook’s contract extension
  • Donovan McNabb looking relaxed, healthy and confident
  • Lorenzo Booker’s potential
  • Shawn Andrews coming out about his battle with Depression
  • DeSean Jackson’s speed
  • Lito Sheppard and his place on the Eagles
  • We have Returners!!
  • Brian Dawkins

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One Year Old!

Happy Birthday, to us! Yes, it was one year ago today that EaglesFanCast, as a reality, was born.  We worked on it behind the scenes for a few months before letting it loose on the unsuspecting public, but on August 6th, 2007, we posted a simple note saying that our first show would be recorded the following night.  It was, and the dorky musings of three Eagles degenerate fans had begun.

All of us Eagles fans expected a much better 2007 season that what transpired, but as the months went on, more people found us, and we now have more show downloads and site visitors than we did at the end of the season in December. Welcome aboard!

I want to thank the other guys responsible for helping to get us to this point, Eric and Todd.  They’ve stuck in there when I slowly got things done behind the scenes, and put up with my plans and prodding for the site and podcast along the way.  I especially want to thank the listeners and those that participate in our show, and the guests that we’ve had over the last year, especially Tommy Lawlor from Scouts Notebook and Jason from Bleeding Green Nation.

Also to celebrate our one year Anniversary / Birthday, we’ve purchased a tree to be planted in the Eagles Forest.  It’s part of the excellent “Go Green” initiative the Philadelphia Eagles are doing. Go read up on it, and participate in any way you can.

Again, thank you for being a part, and Go Eagles!

EFC Updates

What’s up Eagles fans!

I just wanted to give you an update as to what’s going on with us.

First, we’ll be recording our show next week, after the first preseason game. (Side note: I need to reiterate that last part – THE FIRST PRESEASON GAME!)  We’ve toyed with the idea of doing one for weeks, but let’s be honest, we’d pretty much be regurgitating what’s already coming out of the Eagles Training Camp notes.  News is light, and typical… the players arrived, they practice, a few get hurt, it’s hot, we’re going to the Super Bowl.  Same as every year.  So after the preseason opener we’ll have some meat to chew on, and can do a proper show.

Second, we’ve hosted some video clips from a great service called Redlasso in the past. Redlasso records, well pretty much everything on TV, and lets us bloggers create clips that we can show and comment on. It’s all pretty much considered “fair use” and allows us to editorialize the clips. Keep in mind, they’re not full shows, nor live, and don’t allow you to watch for hours on end. The clips are limited to ten minutes anyway. Unfortunately, the network boneheads don’t see it that way, and despite bloggers and Redlasso giving credit to the networks, the networks believe that they’re being ripped off. (This can be a huge discussion, and I’m not going to bore you with my extensive opinions on this matter here.) As such, two of the major networks, NBC Universal and Fox, are suing Redlasso for violating copyrights. Because of the legal issues, Redlasso has suspended it’s clipping service, and has halted serving the video clips.
We’ve used Redlasso on a few of our posts here, and it was to show you exactly what we were talking about at the time, as well as comment on the clips. Those posts will all stay, in case Redlasso gains the permission to once again supply the clips to us. Until that happens, those videos will simply show a “temporarily unavailable” message.  Sorry if it’s inconvenient, but it’s something that is out of our hands and we hope is fixed in the near future. I fully support the service Redlasso offers, and hope they can work this out without them becoming yet another casualty.

That’s about it for now. Our new show will be up early next week, and I’m going to be in Vegas for the New Media Expo (and mini vacation as well), so I won’t be at the first preseason game.  I’ll be connected, so I’ll get my updates, and Eric will be at the game, so we’ll be all set.

In the meantime, you can tell us what you think, of the game, the Training Camp, us, or whatever you want… our voicemail line is still (856) 335-3675, or send us an email to fans [at] eaglesfancast.net anytime! Thanks, and here’s to the closing of a long off-season, E-A-G-L-E-S EAGLES!!!