Eagles Acquire FB Luke Lawton From Colts

Here’s the facts: The Eagles traded a conditional 2009 Draft Pick to the Indianapolis Colts for fullback Luke Lawton. The Philadelphia Eagles website announced it earlier today. Lawton is listed at 240 pounds, and came from McNeese State in 2004.

He hasn’t made much of an impact in his career in the NFL so far, yet played with the Colts for their 2007 Super Bowl season with fellow Eagle Dan Klecko.  Even the Eagles announcement writer isn’t too excited about him, since he called him “Walton”… not much respect so far.  Considering the Eagles won’t be carrying four fullbacks, you have to wonder where the Eagles staff sees him, especially for a 2009 conditional pick.  The obvious direction looks like Special Teams.  You have to figure that with Klecko, Jason Davis and the big rookie Jed Collins in there, there won’t be room on the Offensive side of the ball for the smallest, Lawton.   If he was really fast, I think we would have heard more about him.  He does have some Special Teams experience, though, so there’s that.

I’m not sure how this move works for the team, but maybe they’re not happy with what they’ve seen so far in the existing FB group.  Just trying to keep hope that the men in charge have a plan.

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