A great day to be an Eagles fan

First, we were treated with the news that Michael Strahan has decided to retire.  Good riddance.  If I had to ensure one more season of the “Jon Runyan – Michael Strahan” running feud nonsense, I was probably going to have to climb to the top of a tower with a high-powered rifle and…..wait, where was I?  Oh yeah….

And now, NOW, this gem has just been released.  Apparently, our old friend T.O. has been placed in the NFL’s “reasonable cause” drug testing program for performance-enhancing drugs.  Details of this can be found here.

All we need now is for someone in the Redskins organization to get caught soliciting a hooker or buying a kilo of blow and we will be all set!

One thought on “A great day to be an Eagles fan”

  1. i’m sure that the eagles aren’t the only team that is excited to see him go. he was one of a kind, and the league will miss him. by the way, reggie brown interviewed on sirius nfl radio today. i posted a little on it.

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