Analysts Concerned About McNabb’s Shoulder

Wednesday on ESPN, Eric Allen and Sal Paolantonio talked about Donovan McNabb’s shoulder tendinitis. It was originally reported by the Philadelphia Eagles on Tuesday of this week. Sal especially seems to be very concerned about McNabb’s shoulder, and how he’s now sitting out, DESPITE a negative MRI. He wasted no time bringing up the fact that Kevin Kolb will be getting plenty of reps filling in for McNabb while he sits.

Andy Reid, on the other hand, has said that McNabb and the other injured players will be ready for the July 22nd start to camp.

So should we be concerned about McNabb? Or is this simply the media trying to make a story (and controversy?) where there isn’t one? My vote is the latter, and we’ll see a healthy, quick, and ready McNabb in Lehigh next month.

Here is the clip:

Donovan and Howard Eskin don’t seem to think it’s a big deal at all, as seen in this clip from NBC10 Sports Final:

Well you be the judge. Personally, it’s way too early for crap like this from the media. It’s only mid-June! Considering how good the Phillies are doing, I’m surprised this much attention is being paid to how a QB’s shoulder is feeling. Amazing.

Clips were provided by RedLasso.

A great day to be an Eagles fan

First, we were treated with the news that Michael Strahan has decided to retire.  Good riddance.  If I had to ensure one more season of the “Jon Runyan – Michael Strahan” running feud nonsense, I was probably going to have to climb to the top of a tower with a high-powered rifle and…..wait, where was I?  Oh yeah….

And now, NOW, this gem has just been released.  Apparently, our old friend T.O. has been placed in the NFL’s “reasonable cause” drug testing program for performance-enhancing drugs.  Details of this can be found here.

All we need now is for someone in the Redskins organization to get caught soliciting a hooker or buying a kilo of blow and we will be all set!

Eagles Acquire FB Luke Lawton From Colts

Here’s the facts: The Eagles traded a conditional 2009 Draft Pick to the Indianapolis Colts for fullback Luke Lawton. The Philadelphia Eagles website announced it earlier today. Lawton is listed at 240 pounds, and came from McNeese State in 2004.

He hasn’t made much of an impact in his career in the NFL so far, yet played with the Colts for their 2007 Super Bowl season with fellow Eagle Dan Klecko.  Even the Eagles announcement writer isn’t too excited about him, since he called him “Walton”… not much respect so far.  Considering the Eagles won’t be carrying four fullbacks, you have to wonder where the Eagles staff sees him, especially for a 2009 conditional pick.  The obvious direction looks like Special Teams.  You have to figure that with Klecko, Jason Davis and the big rookie Jed Collins in there, there won’t be room on the Offensive side of the ball for the smallest, Lawton.   If he was really fast, I think we would have heard more about him.  He does have some Special Teams experience, though, so there’s that.

I’m not sure how this move works for the team, but maybe they’re not happy with what they’ve seen so far in the existing FB group.  Just trying to keep hope that the men in charge have a plan.