McNabb Interviews and Wants Help Now

Ian blogged over at Inside the Iggles about Donovan McNabb’s pair of interviews on Monday.  He posts both of the interviews on the blog post. You should definitely watch them.  The gist of it is that McNabb is asking that the team not draft for the future, but draft for the hear and now.

As we talked about on our latest show Tuesday night, the team historically (and logically) drafts players for the future as replacements for veterans on the decline.

At the end of the 2007 season, McNabb publicly asked for playmakers for the team, and wasn’t the only one.  The Eagles made some great moves in Free Agency, definitely adding a few playmakers to the team.  A few weeks ago, Head Coach Andy Reid said that he was satisfied with how the team stood now.  He cited the obvious free agent signings, as well as how the Eagles team ended the season on a strong note.

McNabb doesn’t fully agree based on the interview.  By asking that the team break with tradition and draft for starters, he’s reiterating what he said back in January.  Now we don’t know what goes through Donovan’s head, because he’s one of those players that keeps business as business, does not cause problems for the team and deals with management in a professional manner.  It’s one of the reasons he is a great team leader, and why I have so much respect for him. On the other end of things, answering these questions publicly is an obvious way to make his statement to the team’s management.

I think pretty much everyone at this point feels like it’s do-or-die time for McNabb in Philadelphia for this coming season.  He knows his window is closing on his career in the next couple years, he wants to win a championship, and he feels the right combination will bring him that goal.  If it does not happen this season, I don’t think McNabb will be an Eagle next year.  I think his dissatisfaction with Eagles management will become public, he will want out of Philly and ask for a trade.  Couple that with a passionate fan base that will probably turn on him publicly, his fault or not, and we will again witness an ugly scene.

I believe that McNabb is a quarterback that can bring a team to, and win a championship.  I do not think A.J. Feeley can do that, and I don’t know enough about Kolb’s abilities yet as pro, to make that decision.  I am on McNabb’s side.  I want my Eagles to win the Super Bowl right away.  I no longer want the team to build for the future.  I’m ready now.

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