Eagles Stadium Renamed – No More LINC!

In a move sure to cause much controversy in the Philadelphia Eagles fan community, as well as the NFL at large, the Eagles stadium has new sponsorship, and as happens, a new name. The stadium formerly known as Lincoln Financial Field, as of April 2nd, 2008, will be known as Doodlebops Stadium.

After some research, it was discovered that “The Doodlebops” are actually a TV show for kids that regularly is shown on cable and satellite station, The Disney Channel. Robert Iger, CEO of The Walt Disney Company is the executive behind this new endeavor into major stadiums.

“The Walt Disney Company, and it’s many subsidiaries are fully engulfed in marketing and spreading brand recognition.” Iger continues, “Because Disney owns so much IP [intellectual property], it makes more sense to spread those names across professional sports venues throughout the world. By sponsoring a venue with the Disney name, we are only able to do it once without causing confusion. But if we sponsor many venues with IP names, such as Doodlebops Stadium, Hannah Montana Field, Higglytown Heroes Center, just to name a few, we will be able to have the children identify with Disney as they grow and show more interest in professional sports teams.”

According to further information from the press conference, nothing regarding the Eagles team itself will be changed, as it is only the stadium itself, and not the Eagles organization, that is affected. To that end, some of the things we will see is the branding of the stadium will be changed, to be brightened up to match the vibrant colors of the Doodlebops show. The concourses will be painted mauve, the aisles will be painted royal blue, and the exterior steps and ramps will be changed to hues of reds and pinks. Other controversial changes is that the Doodlebops themselves will perform at halftime every other home game. Fireworks and confetti will be launched after every offensive Eagles play, with the intention of showing support with positive reinforcement. Doodlebops merchandise, such as plastic guitars, large purple wigs and CD’s and DVD’s will also be sold next to typical Eagles player jerseys, sweatshirts, hats and other swag. One of the saddest changes is that Dan Baker, the announcer at the stadium for Eagles home games since 1985, will be replaced with pre-recorded quips from Lisa J. Lennox, the actress who portrays the extremely bubbly DeeDee Doodle.

The renaming ceremony is taking place tomorrow, April 2nd, and we have been assured that all “enhancements” to the stadium will be complete by the start of the 2008 season.

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