2008 NFL Schedule has been released

The NFL has released the full schedule for the upcoming 2008 season. At first glance, the Eagles schedule looks full of some good opportunities to shine in the national spotlight. We have two Monday night games, two Sunday night games, and a home game against the Arizona Cardinals on Thanksgiving night! Battle lines have already been drawn in thousands of homes in the tri-state area, including mine.

In related news, the Dallas Cowboys have four…FOUR!..1:00 games scheduled. That’s right, folks. The ‘Boys will either be in prime-time or nationally televised for 12 out of their 16 games. I think I just threw up in my mouth a little bit. Also, the Super-Bowl runner up New England Patriots have been given the EASIEST schedule based on strength of their opponent’s 2007 records. Is there no justice? The NFL is a pandering group of greedy misanthropes (thanks Chuck!).

One thought on “2008 NFL Schedule has been released”

  1. I really like 4pm games. 1pm way to early for beer and 10am starts on West coast must really suck. Thanks for the Twitter shout out, off to NFL.com to get the schedule to party accodingly!

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