Episode 24 – Samuel, Clemons and Klecko

Show Notes: Episode 24 for Wednesday, March 19, 2008

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  • Philadelphia Eagles sign Asante Samuel and we discuss what it means to the team
  • Put Sheldon Brown at Safety?
  • Talk about how the overall Defense has improved with the offseason moves
  • Eagles play the NFC West and the AFC North in 2008
  • We discuss the signing of Chris Clemons
  • Dan Klecko signs with the Eagles as a Fullback, how does this “experiment” help the team?
  • Lots of questions with where players fit in
  • Defense is much better, Offense will maintain and get better with Donovan McNabb’s legs
  • The Eagles still need kickoff and punt returners

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3 thoughts on “Episode 24 – Samuel, Clemons and Klecko”

  1. Just like to say, i enjoy your programme from Australia. My brother in law who works in New York (as a lawyer)and is school mates of Sav Rocca loves talking about the Eagles, so much so Im now hooked on the team..

    Keep up the good work and your off season talk is very much appreciated.



  2. Hey Michael Carboni, from Hatboro, PA, aka the “guy” behind phillysucks.com… thank you very much for listening to our podcast and posting a comment on our site. How could I not approve your comment? I support freedom of speech, after all. As a matter of fact, Michael, since you get your jollies from bashing Philly teams, yet hide behind your super cool neato little website, I figured it’s only fair that on my site, I can post your phone number if I want to. I may.
    Hatboro… that’s not far from Philly… I’m glad that you hate our teams so much, because that means that you get to hear about them every single day.
    Enjoy! I know I do.

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