Eagles sign TE Wilson to 3-year deal

Yesterday, the Philadelphia Eagles signed TE Kris Wilson to a 3-year deal which kept the incredible roll of high-impact free agent signings going for the Eagles and their collective fan base. Look, they obviously have plans for Dan Klecko, Rocky Boiman, and Kris Wilson, or else they would not have signed them. I just have no freaking idea what that “plan” is and what it entails. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, so I guess Bill Belichick should consider himself pretty damned flattered at this point. Is our goal now to only sign guys who appear to be of high-character, good “chemistry” guys, and who just so happen to be able to play a few different positions? And what the hell is up with the terms these guys are signing for? Klecko gets two years, so I guess we can assume Year One is to carry out the “experiment” and have him learn the position he is targeted for. Ugh. Boiman gets only one year, so let’s watch him closely as he is essentially special teams cannon fodder for a season. Do you think you will even be able to order a Rocky Boiman jersey from the Eagles Store? And Kris Wilson gets three years? In a way, this is the only one of the three that might make some sense, with L.J. Smith only signed through this year and Matt Schoebel the only experienced vet behind Brent “Don’t call me Tom” Celek (sorry, I could not resist).

Is it NOW time to think about addressing OT, Safety, and the WR corps???