Eagles Agree to Deal With Dan Klecko

Our buddy Jason over at Bleeding Green Nation posted late this afternoon that DT & FB Dan Klecko and our Philadelphia Eagles have agreed to a one-year deal. This monster of a man is being reported by Adam Shefter over at NFL Network to play with the Eagles in the fullback position going forward. I have to point out that as of right now, there is no announcement by the Eagles yet.

They’re filling the hole in the fullback role vacated by free agent Thomas Tapeh last month. Tapeh was a decent blocker for Westbrook last season, but can Klecko, with his reported 275 pounds, be as fast and effective in front of the speedy Westbrook? Guess he really doesn’t have to be too fast if he levels the guy and springs B-West across the line. I like this signing… maybe he’s the anti-Spikes that the team needs, I mean hey, he DOES have 3 Super Bowl rings in 5 years!

I think it’s another piece of the puzzle in place, which clarifies needs for the front office in the draft. Let’s not forget, free agency still isn’t over!

UPDATE: Well, it’s finally official.

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