Mike Patterson Arrested

Eagles DT Mike Patterson is facing marijuana possession charges after being arrested on Saturday, February 16th in Evesham Township. Police pulled Patterson over, along with his older brother Tyrone, for a minor traffic violation and when they approached the car they smelled burning marijuana. Patterson was charged for possessing under 50g of the wacky tobaccy and was released.

I just do not get it. Why in the world can’t these athletes get it through their abnormally thick skulls that for the time that they are active players and making ridiculous amounts of money, they need to stay out of trouble and not do anything stupid and/or illegal? I mean, I do not give a damn if they want to waste their money and their lives smoking pot, but do it when you are out of the public eye and serving as a “role model” for the youth of today!! There is not much that infuriates me more than to see these young athletes get handed the opportunity of a lifetime and then do stupid stuff to ruin it.

3 thoughts on “Mike Patterson Arrested”

  1. He just got caught. He has probably been doing this for a long time And there is no one in his life to tell him different.

    Leave him alone.

  2. McNabb, I respect your opinion but I have to strongly disagree. If our starting DT needs someone in his life to tell him that smoking pot is wrong and, oh, by the way, ILLEGAL, then we have much bigger problems on our hands.

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