Owens Owes Us

An arbitrator today ruled that despite TO being suspended for four games without pay, and the team withholding his final five paychecks of the season in 2005, he still owes the Eagles money. The Eagles tried to recover $1.725M of his signing bonus, and the NFL Players union filed a grievance on Owens’ behalf (as is typical).
So, despite having to pay the Eagles $769,120, I don’t think he’s still crying “It’s not fay-er!” since he’s getting a $3M roster bonus from the Jerry Jones’ pocket change. Personally, I’m just happy there was a small midnight green thorn put in TO’s side today.

Maybe the Eagles can use that recouped money and use it to find someone else to catch McNabb’s passes. Here’s to hoping.

You can read more details on it here –

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  1. Yeah that was Eric and myself in there! Jimmy came on by and interviewed us… it was a fun day, bad outcome for the game, but a great tailgate.

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