Happy New Year from EFC!

On behalf of Todd and Eric, I wanted to wish all of our listeners, readers and fans of the Philadelphia Eagles a very Happy New Year. We had a lot of disappointments this year, but this team pulled it together and ended the season with three wins on strong performances. It’s something this team needed to move into the off-season, and to start the 2008 season. We did not make the playoffs this year, and despite seeing our team crack on all levels throughout the season, there was no complete fracture. The coaches and management need to make the right evaluations and moves for the next several months, and get us back to the level where we ought to be.

We’ll all be behind the players and coaches, and we’ll see great things from this team.

I think we can all look at this video below again in a few months and feel the same way for the 2008 season that we did going into this season.

Well have a Happy New Year, and as we continue to sober ourselves up, we’re going to regroup and record the next episode of the show tomorrow night, Wednesday, to talk about the Bills game.Thanks again to all of you for making our inaugural season a great one!