Episode 22 – Wrap It Up

Show Notes: Episode 22 for Tuesday, January 15, 2008

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  • Eagles finish the season 8-8
  • Giants beat the Cowboys and T.O. sheds tears… as an Eagles fan, you can’t help but smile
  • Seems coaching problems are already there in ‘Big D’
  • Our highlights of the season
  • Our favorite game of the season
  • What we want to see from the Eagles with regards to personnel: L.J. Smith, Will James, Spikes, Kearse
  • Trade for Chad Johnson? Shockey? We need playmakers, so let’s go get them NOW
  • Plans for the EaglesFanCast website and podcast in the off-season
  • Listener email: Bill from Pittsburgh

Thank you for a great first season! We’ve had a lot of fun bringing this to you, and even though we won’t be here as often in the off-season, watch for us when big news happens, around the Draft, and around the camps. We plan on expanding this website as well, so stay tuned.

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Clip courtesy of RedLasso