Owens Owes Us

An arbitrator today ruled that despite TO being suspended for four games without pay, and the team withholding his final five paychecks of the season in 2005, he still owes the Eagles money. The Eagles tried to recover $1.725M of his signing bonus, and the NFL Players union filed a grievance on Owens’ behalf (as is typical).
So, despite having to pay the Eagles $769,120, I don’t think he’s still crying “It’s not fay-er!” since he’s getting a $3M roster bonus from the Jerry Jones’ pocket change. Personally, I’m just happy there was a small midnight green thorn put in TO’s side today.

Maybe the Eagles can use that recouped money and use it to find someone else to catch McNabb’s passes. Here’s to hoping.

You can read more details on it here –

I’m Bored

Yup, bored.

Because of our self-imposed hiatus.

No show this week, or for a few more. Let us know, do Eagles fans want more content (read: Eagles talk) in the off-season?
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Or tell us about your feelings of the Giants being in the Super Bowl with the Patriots. Is anyone else this bored?

Episode 22 – Wrap It Up

Show Notes: Episode 22 for Tuesday, January 15, 2008

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  • Eagles finish the season 8-8
  • Giants beat the Cowboys and T.O. sheds tears… as an Eagles fan, you can’t help but smile
  • Seems coaching problems are already there in ‘Big D’
  • Our highlights of the season
  • Our favorite game of the season
  • What we want to see from the Eagles with regards to personnel: L.J. Smith, Will James, Spikes, Kearse
  • Trade for Chad Johnson? Shockey? We need playmakers, so let’s go get them NOW
  • Plans for the EaglesFanCast website and podcast in the off-season
  • Listener email: Bill from Pittsburgh

Thank you for a great first season! We’ve had a lot of fun bringing this to you, and even though we won’t be here as often in the off-season, watch for us when big news happens, around the Draft, and around the camps. We plan on expanding this website as well, so stay tuned.

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Episode 21 – Bad Chunky Soup

Show Notes: Episode 21 for Thursday, January 3, 2008

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We had some technical difficulties thanks to either Skype or our internet connection, but were able to patch together a show in the end. Sorry about the audio quality, but there was no other time this week we could have done it, so we pushed as far forward with the show that we could… without wanting to smash our microphones through our monitors.

  • The Philadelphia Eagles beat the Buffalo Bills 17-9 and finish the season 8-8
  • We talk about the end of the season
  • Todd rails on McNabb (again), and we have a friendly debate about it

We’re going to have our season wrap-up show in two weeks, so look for a new show around January 16th!

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Happy New Year from EFC!

On behalf of Todd and Eric, I wanted to wish all of our listeners, readers and fans of the Philadelphia Eagles a very Happy New Year. We had a lot of disappointments this year, but this team pulled it together and ended the season with three wins on strong performances. It’s something this team needed to move into the off-season, and to start the 2008 season. We did not make the playoffs this year, and despite seeing our team crack on all levels throughout the season, there was no complete fracture. The coaches and management need to make the right evaluations and moves for the next several months, and get us back to the level where we ought to be.

We’ll all be behind the players and coaches, and we’ll see great things from this team.

I think we can all look at this video below again in a few months and feel the same way for the 2008 season that we did going into this season.

Well have a Happy New Year, and as we continue to sober ourselves up, we’re going to regroup and record the next episode of the show tomorrow night, Wednesday, to talk about the Bills game.Thanks again to all of you for making our inaugural season a great one!