Episode 17 – Controversy Done

Show Notes: Episode 17 for Tuesday, December 4, 2007

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  • Eagles lose to the Seattle Seahawks, in Philadelphia, on A.J. Feeley’s four interceptions
  • We talk about the absurdity of Feeley’s four INTs and how we don’t expect him to play in Philly again
  • A clip from during the game (see the first clip below), with announcer Moose Johnson saying how Tatupu was invisible to Feeley on the field (courtesy of Redlasso), and we discuss the announcers’ reactions and what happened
  • Anecdote about when Eric and Chuck talked with Troy Aikman a few years ago in Pittsburgh
  • A clip from Andy Reid’s day-after game press conference (see the second clip below), where he gets testy with one of the idiot reporter’s questions regarding McNabb’s feelings about not playing (courtesy of Redlasso)
  • We talk about some of the cold games and tailgates we’ve been to
  • The upcoming Giants game’s expectations

Clip 1 – Feeley’s fourth INT
Clip 2 – Reid getting testy with reporter

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