No Show This Week

Sorry to report, but the Eagles FanCast podcast will not be posting a show this week. Both Eric and I are enjoying vacations with our families in Disney World. I was able to catch most of our pathetic display against the Cowboys on Sunday night, but we’re just not able to schedule the time to pull off an actual show.

Good news is, I’ve still seen people sporting their Eagles shirts and hats down here in the parks… so the Eagles fans have definitely not lost the love.

So we’ll pick up where we left off, next Tuesday, November 13th… hang in there Eagles fans, we’re in the tough times again.

Thanks for understanding, Chuck

2 thoughts on “No Show This Week”

  1. I figured as much since they lost. The Eagles are what we would say in health care as a team in critical condition, but stable. Basically good for another week till complications set in.

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