Episode 16 – Back On Track

Show Notes: Episode 16 for Wednesday, November 28, 2007

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  • Eagles lose to the New England Patriots by three points and put up an amazing fight
  • Covering the likes of Randy Moss and T.O.
  • Offensive and Defensive schemes were completely uncharacteristic of what we’ve seen so far this season
  • Feeley took the abuse in the pocket that McNabb tries to avoid
  • Greg Lewis’ TD catches against the Pats
  • We talk about the Steelers field debacle from Monday Night
  • Discuss some of the other games around the league this coming weekend, and what to expect
  • We talk for a few minutes about the tragic death of Redskins’ Sean Taylor

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A little late this week

To our fans,

Sorry for this, but we are unable to record our show tonight due to conflicting schedules. Therefore, you will not be able to get your weekly Wednesday dose of EaglesFanCast tomorrow morning. But do not despair! We will be recording our show tomorrow night, and hopefully it will be available for download late Wednesday night or early Thursday morning.

Thanks to all of you for your continued support of our show. Our audience is steadily growing, so keep on listening and let your friends know where to find us! Go Birds!!!

Episode 15 – Frustrated

Show Notes: Episode 15 for Tuesday, November 20, 2007

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  • Eagles win over the Miami Dolphins, 17-7 and move to 5-5 on the season
  • Re-sodding teh Linc – it needed it!
  • Why is Andy Reid concentrating on the pass so much with McNabb at QB, but not as much with backups?
  • Donovan McNabb dealing with the pressures of the Offense and still recovering from last year’s injury
  • Use the career running ability of Brian Westbrook
  • The Defense didn’t put enough pressure on Miami’s QB
  • The Eagles are a huge underdog vs. the New England Patriots this coming week
  • We have to keep the Patriots Offense off the field, and have to hit Tom Brady

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Episode 14 – Start the Momentum

Show Notes: Episode 14 for Tuesday, November 13, 2007

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Since our last show two weeks ago, the Eagles continued their roller coaster ride of a season, getting trounced by their East Division rivals Dallas Cowboys at home, then taking out the Washington Redskins down I-95 in a beautiful 4th Quarter comeback win. We talk briefly about the Cowboys loss, and concentrate most of our talk about the Redskins win and what’s ahead for our Birds.

  • The confident feeling that the Eagles will win each game is gone
  • Defensive changes all season have contributed to inconsistency that affects the Offense
  • Special Teams is pretty much horrible this season
  • Basically, it’s a team effort causing the inconsistency
  • The Miami game is not only a must-win, but to get the momentum they have to play extremely well against them
  • We’re not far out of the playoff race, considering the state of the NFC
  • Brian Dawkins mini-documentary on ESPN
  • Miami Dolphins coming to the Linc this Sunday at 1:00, and we discuss

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No Show This Week

Sorry to report, but the Eagles FanCast podcast will not be posting a show this week. Both Eric and I are enjoying vacations with our families in Disney World. I was able to catch most of our pathetic display against the Cowboys on Sunday night, but we’re just not able to schedule the time to pull off an actual show.

Good news is, I’ve still seen people sporting their Eagles shirts and hats down here in the parks… so the Eagles fans have definitely not lost the love.

So we’ll pick up where we left off, next Tuesday, November 13th… hang in there Eagles fans, we’re in the tough times again.

Thanks for understanding, Chuck