Episode 10 – Bleeding Green FanCast


Show Notes: Episode 10 for Tuesday, October 9, 2007

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  • We record this episode through a thunderstorm
  • Jason from Bleeding Green Nation blog and podcast is with us tonight
  • No Eagles news, so we talk about the Bills / Cowboys game last night
  • Round-table question time:
    • Based on the offseason and preseason, what Eagles player has been your biggest surprise/disappointment so far?
    • Questions and rumors surround Coach Andy Reid’s effectiveness for this season. If his sons were not involved in legal issues, and the Eagles were still 1-3, do you think Reid’s performance would still be a huge issue?
    • Are you concerned about the number of injuries that the Eagles have suffered so far, or is it just a simple part of the game that happens every year?
    • As McNabb’s scrambling abilities diminish, does a pocket passer still fit into this offensive scheme, or do you feel the scheme has changed accordingly?
    • How would you evaluate the entire coaching staff of the Eagles through the first four games?
    • With Dallas dominant and putting up impressive numbers, how crucial are the next few weeks for the Eagles before meeting them for the first time in November?
    • The Eagles have been criticized for not pursuing a big-name receiver to compliment McNabb and Westbrook, despite being so far under the salary cap… what are your thoughts?
  • We discuss expectations for the Eagles – Jets game at the Meadowlands this coming Sunday.

Originally, Ian from Inside the Iggles blog was also supposed to be a guest on the show. Unfortunately, he had some serious computer problems, which prevented him from sitting in with us.
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