Episode 1 – The State of the Team

EaglesFanCast Episode 1 for August 7, 2007

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  • Introductions to your hosts
  • Tailgating in Philly and elsewhere
  • Craziest events we’ve witnessed
  • Best safeties
  • Lurie and his “State of the Team” address
  • Player talk: trades, Defense, Garcia, McNabb, Gocong, Kearse

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2 thoughts on “Episode 1 – The State of the Team”

  1. Congrats on an awesome official first podcast! Ok, I’ll admit – I love the Eagles because Chuck loves the Eagles. When he is at the games, I usually watch HGTV and then check the scores to see what kind of mood he will be in when he arrives home. You guys rocked this big time and I can’t wait to listen to your future episodes.

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