Eagles Release Trotter

Today, the Philadelphia Eagles released linebacker Jeremiah Trotter.

Not much information is known yet, as they’re saying Andy Reid will be addressing the media after today’s practice. Trotter will be available after that. Supposedly Reid and Trotter met last night about the situation, and Reid said “… it was very emotional for both of us.”

I’m surprised and bummed about this, for a couple reasons. First is because I just met him and he signed my football at the Eagles Carnival only two days ago!! lol But the other is that I thought he had done so much work and conditioning in the off-season and he was really ready to compliment the improved D. Plus I just really liked the guy.

Well we’ll definitely cover this on the next episode of the podcast, which, by the way, will NOT be recorded until Wednesday evening because Todd is traveling today. It should be out late Wednesday night or sometime Thursday.

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