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Best in NFC – EaglesFanCast 221

Our Philadelphia Eagles beat the Carolina Panthers in a Thursday night showdown  in another road game.

Now the Eagles have a 5-1 record, the best in the NFC. We are also tied for the best record in the NFL, along with the Kansas City Chiefs. This record comes after the Birds spend 4 of those games on the road, only losing the one to the Chiefs themselves. Since that loss, the Eagles have won four straight, and seemed to have gelled as a team, despite a few key player losses due to injury.

The depth is apparent as players filled those gaps, and allowed the team to play very solid football. This week the Eagles get Lane Johnson back after a concussion protocol.

Right now the Eagles are in great shape with three upcoming home games before the BYE in Week 10.

First is Monday Night Football against the Washington Redskins, the only NFC East team that appears at this point to pose a threat to the Eagles for the Division. A divisional game at home… this is football we want!

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Sammy Sleeves – EaglesFanCast 205

EaglesFanCast PodcastAfter a very tough loss to the Redskins the week before, the undefeated Minnesota Vikings and former Eagles quarterback Sam Bradford come to Philadelphia. This game started slow and ugly at times, but ultimately, the Eagles Defense were all over Bradford all day, sacking him six times, causing two fumbles, and an interception. Bradford was hit many times in this game, and it really got into his head early, and often. The Eagles Defense was the star of the game, for sure, although there was a kickoff return for 98 yards for a TD from Josh Huff, and that also kind of shined.

Eagles QB Carson Wentz struggled in this game, throwing for two interceptions on the day, but continued to mature in our eyes, having the continued confidence in some tough situations on the day, despite some fumbled snaps and miscues. He’s a rookie learning the NFL, one week at a time.

The Eagles are also in the rumor mill this week with trade rumors involving Torrey Smith, as well as Alshon Jeffery. As of the time of this recording, it’s still rumors.

But let us not forget, it is Cowboy Week in Philly. The Eagles will meet the Dallas Cowboys for the first time this season, down in Texas. As we all know, the Cowboys have been playing exceptional football with rookie QB Dak Prescott who has been playing great with no interceptions on the season, so far.

By the way, Tommy Lawlor sits in with us this week, and we question the hell out of him regarding the trade rumors, the good and bad of the rumors that have been flying around regarding DeSean Jackson.

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Tommy Lawlor on PhiladelphiaEagles.com, and Iggles Blitz

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