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Happy Birthday to US

Three short (or long, depending on who you talk to) years ago, three guys decided to start podcasting about their mutual, intense passion.  No, not skateboarding in traffic wearing nothing but banana hammocks.  (That doesn’t translate well to audio, after all.)  No, podcasting about our passion and love of the Philadelphia Eagles. In three years […]

EaglesFanCast Is Back!

After a Summer of vacations, conflicts and technical issues… Eric, Todd and Chuck climb out of the sweltering heat to talk about our first love, The Eagles (our wives won’t read this anyway). With the team starting up Training Camp this week, we will start to see how things are going to look for our […]

New EaglesFanCast Logo

We are thrilled to release our new logo for EaglesFanCast today! As I wrote about a few weeks ago, we are making changes to what EaglesFanCast is. We have already added on two new blog contributors, Holden and Steve, and one more that our podcast listeners will be familiar with very soon. They are excited […]

Farewell Brian Westbrook

I can’t say I was overly surprised that Brian Westbrook was released by the Eagles this week. Maybe it would have been more of a shock if Brian Dawkins hadn’t left for Denver last year, but Andy Reid showed then that he won’t allow sentiment to interfere with his vision of a winning formula. The […]

Greetings From Across The Pond!

Hello Eagles fans in Philadelphia and all around the world. My name’s Steve Brown and I’m delighted to be able to introduce myself as the latest contributor to EaglesFanCast. I’ve been following the Birds since 1989 when the team traveled to London for a pre-season exhibition game against the Cleveland Browns. At that time, us […]

What Does It Take To Be A Champion?

A Champion. One who is clearly superior to all others. One who fights to defend or support a cause greater than one individual. Until as recently as 2008, “champion”, was a word hardly uttered when a Philadelphia sports team was mentioned. Yes, two seasons ago, the Phillies broke a long-standing streak of big-game losses which […]

What I Bring To the Table

Birds Fans, Holden Fulco here, and I’m proud to say that I am a newly minted contributer to EaglesFanCast. This is the first of what I hope will be many more posts to come, so I just wanted to give a few details on what I hope to bring to the blog. First of all, I […]

Changes at EaglesFanCast

Here at the blog, we have mostly maintained it as a Show Notes repository for the podcast.  The podcast has been great, and our numbers have been growing.  We have been getting some amazing feedback in both email and voicemails, and it’s great to see the reach that the podcast has.  We have people listening […]

Happy New Year!!

I just wanted to take a minute and send out a Happy New Year to everyone who has been involved in EaglesFanCast this last year. That includes Eric and Todd, and of course all of our listeners and subscribers, our guests, everyone who contributed to the show through comments, emails, voicemail and the chatroom, our […]

Notes on Our Show Tonight

What? Of course we’re still showing up after that dismal loss this week! It’s what we do, because we’re fans of this team through the ups and downs… and you listen to us for the same reason. Actually, we have a lot more emails than usual, and that is what is going to drive our […]