Who Is EFC?

We are rabid Philadelphia Eagles fans… season ticket holders past and present. We get together each week and talk about our favorite pro football team in typical midnight green and silver style. Each has our own perspective on being a fan. The show comes out weekly during the season where we talk about the games, the players, coaches and fans. We’ve talked with other fans all over the world, Eagles bloggers, and tailgaters to bring both content and fun to our listeners and readers. This site serves as a repository for the Show Notes, as well as thoughts, news and analysis that we don’t cover on the shows themselves.

Chuck lives in South Jersey and has season tickets at The Linc. Todd, originally from NJ, now lives in L.A. but used to have season tickets with Chuck at The Vet. We discuss the normal ups and downs, being a fan wherever you are, traveling to games, tailgating, being at The Linc, the players, the atmosphere, the coaches, and of course, that dream.

Your Hosts

Chuck Stanley

Producer / Co-Host

Chuck Stanley - EaglesFanCastChuck is a bleed-green Eagles fan, computer geek and married father of two Eagles fanlets. He had season tickets through five tough years at the Vet (four of which with his co-host Todd). When The Linc opened, he jumped on board and has been proudly sitting in Section 114 ever since. Not content to just tailgate and send pics and text messages to Todd during the games, he helped create the EaglesFanCast podcast in the hopes of giving Eagles fans yet another outlet to voice their Brotherly Love for a great football franchise.

Email: chuck {at} EaglesFanCast {dot} net

twitter: @chuckst
Facebook: facebook.com/chuck.stanley
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Just Want a Championship for the Green Nation.


Steve Brown

Steve BrownSteve has been following the Philadelphia Eagles since 1989, when the team traveled to London for a pre-season exhibition game. Being a Brit, he was brought up on soccer and had to teach himself the game of football from a paperback book and just an hour of highlights on TV each week. His second Eagles game was the 10-9 victory at Meadowlands in 2001, before he watched Kolb’s Eagles dismantle the Falcons in 2010 at the Linc. This came during an epic trip to the City of Brotherly Love which saw him cheer all five Philly teams to wins over an eight day stretch! Steve has been to all of the NFL International Series games at Wembley and looks forward to the Eagles coming back to play in London one day. Thanks to online streaming, he is now able to watch every Eagles game live, though the time difference sometimes means staying up all night! He almost always has a spreadsheet on the go, looking for interesting angles to talk about on EaglesFanCast. Steve may be British, but he bleeds green with the best of them. Go Birds!

Holden Fulco

Holden FulcoHolden is a truly die-hard Eagles fan who bleeds Eagle green from the northwestern part of Louisiana. Proudly calling himself the most passionate Birds fan of the South, his love for Philadelphia sports was born the first time he turned on a football game. His appreciation for the history of the team and the misunderstood passion of the fans drew him to the Eagles and he has never missed a game since. One day Holden hopes to be able to catch a game at the Linc, and maybe even have season tickets. In the meantime, his writing ability, love of sports journalism, and a little luck have given him the chance to write for a blog he loves. It isn’t easy being an Eagles fan in a city full of Cowboys fans, but its people like Chuck, Eric, and Todd who Holden appreciates for giving Eagles fans everywhere a voice.

Eric Grigg

Former Co-Host

Eric is a lifelong Eagles fan, unflailingly dedicated to the Iggles through the highs and lows. He has been a season-ticket holder in Section 114 since the Eagles moved into Lincoln Financial Field, the greatest football stadium ever constructed. He subscribes to Eagles Digest and has enrolled his three kids in the Eagles Kids Club, as well as the oldest daughter of one of his closest friends (who happens to be a Cowboys fan). Eric drives a dark green SUV, and the choice of color was no coincidence. He has an account on the Eagles Message Boards, as well as the Giants Message Boards so he can torture and make fun of all of the idiot Giants fans every time the Eagles beat them. E-A-G-L-E-S…EAGLES!!!!!!!!!


A special thanks goes out to Scott Fletcher for his great voiceover work, and to Christine Dailey-Hunt for creating our original EFC Logo.

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