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EaglesFanCast 59 – Big Fan Interview

A slight divergence from the normal EaglesFanCast podcast you all have come to expect. Hope you don’t mind! We had the opportunity to have a chat with Robert Siegel, the Writer and Director of the new movie Big Fan, which will be hitting theaters in limited release only in New York and Philadelphia on Friday, […]

EaglesFanCast 58 – Michael Vick?

So the Philadelphia Eagles sign veteran quarterback and convicted felon Michael Vick last week.  The news rips into fans in a huge way, making national news, segmenting the loyal fanbase, and pushing all of the emotions of fans and non-fans of the Eagles and the NFL in general.  Anger, confusion, shock, disgust and acceptance flooded […]

Thoughts on Vick in Eagles Green

I wasn’t at the Eagles preseason game against the Patriots last night.  I traded my ticket to Eric for his tickets and snagged my other seatmate’s ticket for the Jags game on August 27th. Thanks Chris, you rock!  I’m not one for preseason games anyway… give me the games that mean something.  So it seemed […]

Two Years of EaglesFanCast

Hello Eagles Fans!! Today marks two years that EaglesFanCast has been on the RSS airwaves. Back then, three naive Eagles dorks sat down in front of microphones from their homes and talked about the team they love. Today, those same three dorks pretty much do the same thing. Only now, we have people listening! This […]